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Online Consultation

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Online Ayurveda Consultation

  • A one-to-one complete consultation with a senior Ayurveda Practitioner

  • Your complete dosha & energy analysis (scientific way to determine your mind/body type and your imbalances)

  • Exploration of your health history

  • Suggested personalized diet, lifestyle & supplements plan

holistic approach to wellness

Ayurveda Consultation

Are you looking for a complete approach to health and wellness that puts an emphasis on personalized care and healing from the inside out? Well, what’s better than an Ayurvedic consultation? It is aimed at examining any bodily issues, from mental to physical ailments, to strike the required balance. Sri Sri Tattva has developed a method of consultation that uses both traditional and modern Ayurvedic science to improve the health of people all over the world. The Booking Process We offer in-person and virtual appointments. On our home page, at the top, click on “Consultation” which will guide you towards picking a suitable date and time. The system will automatically select an available Ayurvedic expert from our team, matching your timing. After you are done confirming the date and time, then you have to proceed with personal details like, your name, email id, particular health concern, and contact number. You can even write to our customer support @ and we will help you book your appointment. Note: Please avoid eating or drinking anything for 2.5 hours before the consultation time. What should you expect from an ayurvedic consultation? Our ayurvedic consultation experts follow the below-mentioned protocols to uplift your overall health and well-being: A thorough consultation takes place one-on-one with senior ayurvedic experts. Your comprehensive dosha & energy analysis (a scientific approach to ascertain your mind/body type and your imbalances) Review of your medical history. Suggestions for a customized diet, lifestyle, and supplement plan. We cover the following aspects in our holistic consultation process Digestion issues Constipation, gas, bloating, or indigestion. Skin conditions Acne, dermatitis, rosacea, and eczema, etc. Sleep disorders Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, etc. Weight issues Overweight, underweight, obesity, metabolic disorders, etc. Hormonal issues Menstrual disorders, thyroid disorders, etc. Joint Problems Gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. Respiratory issues Asthma, allergies, sinusitis, etc. Hair problems Premature graying, hair loss, dandruff, etc. An ayurvedic consultation could be the key to achieving your goals of maximum health and balance through a person-centered, holistic approach. Why wait? Give it a try!

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Online Ayurveda Consultation

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