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Sri Sri Wellbeing Centre Pune


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Dr. Falguni Omprakash Mandhana

B.A.M.S ( Ayurvedic Vaidya)

Specialization: Nadi Pareeksha

Dr. Falguni is a seasoned practitioner with a specialization in Nadi Pareeksha and Panchakarma therapy. With over a year of dedicated practice at the Art of Living Triveni Ashram in Pune and previous experience at the Sri Sri Ayurvedic Hospital in Bangalore, she has a proven track record of successfully treating chronic cases. Her expertise has garnered praise not only from her patients but also from notable celebrities who have shared their positive experiences with Nadi Pareeksha and Panchakarma under Dr. Falguni's care on social media.

Languages: Hindi, Marathi & English

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Rishi Gupta

Spending my long weekend in the Ashram was the best decision I ever made. I combined my Art of Living course (Happiness Program) with Panchakarma and Osteopathy treatment, and I can't praise their treatment and hospitality enough they are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced who also excels as a counselor. Thanks to the serene ambiance of the ashram combined with therapy and counseling, my anxiety, fear, and tension miraculously dissipated.
Thank you!


Sri Sri Wellbeing, The Art of Living - Triveni Ashram Campus, At/Po: Markal, Taluka Khed, District: Pune, Maharashtra - 412105, India.


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