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Marma Training Program

12 Mar - 16 Mar
Marma Level 1
Bangalore Ashram

The Marmam technique is potentially the most restorative of Ayurvedic treatments as it harmonizes the body’s built-in energy network. Marma is widely popular as a treatment. Simple and effective, with a minimum of equipment, it can be practised anywhere.

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What Are Marma Points?

Marma points are like the body's GPS coordinates for optimal health and well-being. They are interconnected with the subtle channels known as nadis, akin to the meridians in Chinese medicine. Just as physical toxins clog our bodies, even the tiniest mental stresses can obstruct these vital points, impeding the flow of life energy (prana).

The Marma Advantage

The marma technique, steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom, emerges as one of the most potent tools for restoring equilibrium and vitality. By applying gentle pressure to these marma points, we can release the blocks and allow the free flow of prana to reach the connected organs and tissues. This rejuvenates them, offering a fresh lease of life.

Why Choose Marma Training with Us?

  1.  Explore the profound wisdom of Marma from the perspective of Sushruta Acharya.

  2. Learn practical applications for enhancing well-being and self-health using Ayurveda and allied therapies associated with Marma.

  3. Gain the skills to unblock, harmonize, and revitalize your body's energy network.

  4. Discover the secrets to holistic healing and inner balance.

Don't miss this opportunity to become a part of our Marma Training Program.

Your journey to wellness begins here.

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