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Panchakarma Therapies

As per Ayurveda, Panchakarma is a foremost and vital detoxification process, which cleans the entire system. It is inclusive of Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya and Raktamokshana. The therapies involved in Panchakarma, help eliminate toxins; build the immune system; improves digestion, absorption, metabolism and vitality. This detoxification process also boosts mental clarity.

Other Treatments Available with Us


An Ayurvedic therapeutic procedure which specifically focuses on the treatment of obesity and weight management by reducing excess fat and meda dhatu (adipose tissue) in the body, improving metabolism and balancing the Kapha dosha.


A medicated paste or ointment prepared by combining various herbal powders, oils, and other natural ingredients, that is typically applied on the skin used for healing skin conditions, skin rejuvenation, improving complexion, and promoting overall skin health.

Local Kashayadhara

An Ayurvedic therapy where medicated herbal decoctions is continuously poured over a specific area of the body to address musculoskeletal issues, joint pain, and inflammation.

Local Ksheera Dhara

An Ayurvedic therapy where medicated milk (ksheera) is continuously poured over a specific area of the body, to address various health concerns of the area being treated.

Local Pizhichil

This is a modified version of the traditional Ayurvedic therapy known as “Pizhichil” where warm medicated oil is poured and massaged over a particular area that requires attention.

Local Takradhara

A specialized Ayurvedic therapy where buttermilk (known as "takra") is continuously poured over a specific area of the body, particularly the forehead to relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches.

Local Udwartana

A variation of the traditional Ayurvedic therapy known as "Udwartana, which focuses on a specific area or body part rather than the entire body to promote circulation, exfoliation, and the release of tension in the targeted area.

Local Uzhichil

An Ayurvedic massage therapy using herbal oils and special customised massage strokes, focused on that area of the body which is having a health concern.


A restorative and therapeutic method to loosen up the system causing full relaxation. It improves vital organ functionality, energises cellular activity and enhances the movement of prana.

Matra Vasti

A gentle and nourishing Ayurvedic therapeutic procedure where a minimal, small, specific quantity of medicated oil or decoction is administered into the rectum for improving digestive function, balancing the doshas in the body and maintaining overall health.

Meru Chikitsa

A traditional Ayurveda therapeutic method that uses gentle touches down the spine to access limitless energy, and erase stress, illness, and suffering.

Meru Pichu

Aan Ayurvedic therapy where herbal paste or medicated oil is applied on the forehead, particularly in the region where the "Ajna" or "Third Eye" chakra is said to be located, to have a calming and centering effect on the mind, promoting relaxation, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity, and a sense of balance.

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Its the best. Its beautiful. Fresh. Relaxing. Authentic and well trained therapists. Very pleasant & polite staff. We took a couple room as i was with my wife. Beautiful room with a great view. The meals which were complimentary with room charges were Satvik. But as this is a part of the Art of Living campus, one has other options. Highly recommended for professional & Authentic Ayurveda treatments.

Nikhil Shingi

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