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Empower your well-being by understanding and adapting to the seasons with the ancient wisdom.

  • Starts May 25
  • 1,499 Indian rupees
  • Online Webinar

Service Description

🌿Join Our Enlightening Online Workshop: Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Ritucharya!🌿 Workshop Details: 🌸 Seasons and Their Impact: Explore the significance of the 6 seasons. Understand how they affect different body types. Learn about seasonal clothing, food, and beverages aligned with each season's energy. 🌿 Seasonal Panchakarma Treatments: Dive into season-specific Panchakarma treatments for rejuvenation and vitality. 🌡️ Immunity and Seasonal Care: Understand immunity dynamics during different seasons. Discover special care requirements for each season. Workshop Benefits: 🌟 Holistic Insights: Comprehensive understanding of seasonal influences on well-being. 🎓 Practical Guidance: Tips for selecting attire, foods, and drinks aligned with each season's energy. 🌀 Customized Panchakarma: Explore rejuvenating treatments tailored to specific seasons. 📅 Yearlong Health Companion: Receive a complimentary pocket health diary to record your wellness journey. Conclusion: Don't miss this incredible opportunity to harmonize your life with the natural rhythms of the seasons. 🌈 Secure your spot in the Ritucharya Workshop by registering now. Limited slots available—ensure your participation today for a healthier, balanced lifestyle. 🌞

Contact Details

1800 120 8030

Sriveda Sattva Pvt Ltd Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma ( A Division of Sriveda Sattva Pvt. Ltd ), Kanakapura Road, Udayapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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