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SUJOK Foundation Course

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26 Feb to 29 Feb 2024
4 days , 3hours daily
₹ 7,000
Online Webinar

Embark on a transformative journey of healing with our Su Jok Foundation Course. Discover the power of Su Jok Therapy, a holistic approach to wellness that empowers you to take control of your health. With convenient online learning, versatile techniques, and global recognition, this course offers a unique opportunity to explore natural healing methods and enhance your well-being. Join us and unlock the potential of Su Jok Therapy to transform your life.

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Holistic Healing: Experience a holistic approach to health and wellness with Su Jok Therapy's multi-dimensional techniques.

Empowerment: Learn to harness the power of natural healing methods, empowering yourself to take charge of your well-being.

Accessible Learning: Access high-quality training from the comfort of your home with our convenient online delivery mode.

Versatile Techniques: Explore versatile techniques including massage, moxibustion, and solar therapy for comprehensive healing solutions.

Global Recognition: Gain knowledge aligned with global education standards endorsed by the International Su Jok Association, ensuring credibility and recognition worldwide.

🗓️ Program Dates: 26th to 29th Feb. 2024  
Program Duration / Timings: 4 days, 3 hours daily  
💰 Program Donation:₹7000  
💻 Program Mode of Delivery: ONLINE MODE

📜 Program Content:

1. 📜 History & Development of Sujok Therapy
   Explore the fascinating journey of Sujok therapy's evolution.

2. 🖐️ Hand-Body Similarity
   Discover the intriguing resemblance between the hand and the body.

3. 🧠 Thumb-Head Correspondence 
   Uncover the evidence of correspondence between the thumb and the head.

4. ✋ Standard System of Correspondence on Hands  
   Learn about the primary and secondary correspondence systems.

5. 🔄 Symmetry Lines & Yin-Yang Borders on Hands  
   Understand the location of lines of symmetry and Yin-Yang borders.

6. 🏥 Organs & Systems Correspondences on Hands 
   Delve into the projections of organs, nervous, endocrine systems, etc.

7. 🦶Standard System of Correspondence on Feet  
   Explore the correspondence system on feet, including symmetry lines and organ projections.

8. 🌐 Partial Correspondence Systems 
   Learn about specialized partial correspondence systems.

9. 🔍 Locating Therapeutic Points
   Master the techniques of locating therapeutic points.

10. 💆 Massage Techniques
    Explore various massage techniques for the correspondence systems.

11. 💉 Treatment Methods 
    Learn about treating pain, moxibustion, bloodletting, and more.

12. 🌞 Solar Therapy & Natural Stimulators 
    Discover the applications of solar therapy and natural stimulators.

13. 📝 Test  
    Assess your understanding with a comprehensive test.

👨‍🎓 Eligibility:
Age 18+ with minimum completion of +2 / Medical practitioners / Para-medical practitioners / Interested candidates of any age between 18 to 60.

📞 Contact Number: +91-9535934061 

About the Program:
Experience the power of Sujok Therapy with your own hands! Sujok Therapy is a multi-dimensional and drugless system of alternative healing developed by Professor Park Jae Woo of South Korea. Our courses are designed in accordance with the Global Education Standards of the International Sujok Association.

Enroll now and embark on a journey of healing and discovery with Sujok Therapy!

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