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Sri Sri Wellbeing Centre Lucknow


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Dr. Abhishek Srivastava


 Specialization: Diabetes & Kidney related Disorders

Dr. Abhishek Kumar- Visiting Consultant B.A.M.S, Nadi pariksha & Panchakarma Nadi Pariksha Trainer at Sri Sri Tattva, Specializes in Diabetes & Kidney related disorders Having worked at Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma centre, Muscat, Oman for 10 years, he has healed thousands of patients. Dr Abhishek Kumar, Senior Nadi consultant, Nadi Trainer has an experience of 16+ years, working with Sri Sri Tattva. He has travelled extensively in GCC, Canada for Ayurveda awareness programs & consultations.

Languages: Hindi & English

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Dr. Shipra Srivastava

BAMS, PG Dip. Panchakarma

 Specialization: Infertility & Childcare Treatments, Arthritis, Joint Pain

Dr Shipra, Consultant Panchakarma & Nadi pariksha, Specializes in Infertility & child care treatments, Arthritis and joint pains B.A.M.S, Post graduate diploma in Panchakarma from Central Research Institute, Thrissur. Having worked at Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma centre, Muscat, Oman for 10 years, she has healed thousands of patients. Dr Shipra Srivastava has an experience of 15+ years under her belt. During her tenure in Oman she treated many ladies suffering with various disorders. In India, she replicates the success of her efficient administration of Oman centre.

Languages: Hindi & English

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Sanjana Sinha

Highly recommend!! It was to the best of my experience. Dr. Shipra understood each of my problems and took steps that would help me cure it. From the 1st session of "The Facial World" therapy I felt relaxed and healed. Thank you Sri Sri Wellbeing.


Sri Sri Wellbeing, 1/120, Vikas Nagar, Kursi Road, Near Pioneer Montessori College, Lucknow,

UP - 226022, India.


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