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Indulge in Fasting, with Awareness

asting is often followed as per convenience, rather than with perfection. To add to this, is the umpteen myths, that is associated with this age old practice of “upavaas”. Below are some myths of fasting, that we have busted.

Fasting affects everyone in the same manner

Everybody is not similar, neither are their body metabolism or body fat the same. So no general rules for everyone. Preparation for fasting, according to your body type is very important. Hyper metabolic bodies, should have cold water baths during fasting. And can have laxatives like enema; while hypo metabolic bodies, should have luke warm water; and diabetics, should go in for a keto diet while fasting.

Fasting causes hyperacidity and gastritis

This is a very common myth which most people assume and therefore avoid fasting. However the truth is, fasting does not cause any kind of gas or acidity if you follow rules. Sip lots of water throughout the day while fasting, and it is best to avoid stress during this time, since stress causes low blood supply to the gut.

Fasting will overwhelm you with hunger

This may happen in the first 12 hours of fasting. After that, with increased duration of fasting, appetite only tends to decrease. Infact, fasting actually denotes, metabolic and digestive rest.

Intermittent fasting makes you overindulge

Infact it’s the other way round, intermittent fasting helps in controlling over eating. It resets your gut and helps with proper functioning of gastric mobility.

Fasting is the miracle cure for weight loss

This is the biggest myth of fasting. The truth is, weight loss is just a side effect, of proper fasting.

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